Welcome to the Inquiry Hub 3D printing Blog!

If you’re looking for the blog part of this website, where we post updates about things that are currently happening 3D printer related at our school, click on the link that says blog on the bar on the top of the screen.

Otherwise an introduction our website is bellow.


Here you will find information on all things 3D printing going on at the Inquiry Hub, from troubleshooting our printers, to the designs and many other things. At the moment this site does not have much on it, but in time it will hopefully become a blog full of helpful information about 3D printing and designs.


Here at IHub we currently have 2 printers. The Ditto+ by Tinkerine and the Kossel Clear by Blue Eagle Labs, which is open source. More information about the printers can be found on the 3D Printers @ Inquiry Hub page (still in the works, but should be up soon 🙂 ).

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