3D Printer Nozzle Problem

A few days ago while we were changing the filament on one of the printer at for an open house, we realized that the nozzle was clogged with filament that had broken inside the nozzle. Upon realizing this, we tried a simple nozzle clearing technique.

This technique requires binging the printer to temperature so that the filament inside the nozzle would melt. When the printer gets to temperature, you use some filament to push the rest remaining filament out of the nozzle clearing the path for the new filament. The entire process should be repeated a few times to ensure that the nozzle is clear.

To our dismay, this did not work. The filament inside the nozzle did not even budge. Since it didn’t work the first time, we tried a second time except with some tip cleaning tools, which still did nothing. So at this point we are unsure what to do, we plan on getting a new nozzle because that is all we can think of.

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